How Does It Work

Buying & Moving Your New Mobile Home

What To Expect of Mobile Home Exchange LLC:

  • Behavior and attitude of mutual respect.  Delivery of contracted items as defined by contract
  • If work is added or changed, it has to be done in writing by a signed change order by both parties
  • We deliver the home to you after a final walk through
  • We will submit Warranty Card for your warranty to begin after walk through
  • If there is an emergency or leak in roof or water source, please notify MHE at once – 864-310-4090
  • If there is a cosmetic issue, please keep a running list for the first four weeks or so while you live in the home
  • What We Expect of Customer:

  • Timely communication of items needed
  • Behavior and attitude of mutual respect. Any concern with a person or contractor of MHE should be addressed with the owners and not directly with contractor
  • Staying away from work site for safety of all involved
  • Disrespect of Customers, Contractors or Employees of MHE will not be tolerated
  • Do not enter home or ask contractors to enter home until a walk-through is scheduled with MHE
  • If the above items are not followed, it will / could cause delays in your build or the job to be stopped
  • Manufacturer Responsibility:

  • See Warranty Form as supplied by manufacturer
  • See Dispute Form as provided by manufacturer
  • See Insulation Form as provided by manufacturer
  • Most manufacturers are willing to do a one-time courtesy visit after you live in the home four weeks or so to review concerns
  • Documentation Needed and Customer Responsibility

    • Driver’s License
    • Social Security Card
    • Two pay stubs
    • One paycheck after approval
    • Last year’s W2 Form
    • Source of down payment
    • Plat
    • Deed – Insurable Title / Quit Claim Deed
    • Septic letter or tank
    • If you’re utilizing a water meter, call and set up account and order the meter
    • Setup power account
    • Employer name, address and phone number

    Additional Cost FHA – VA

    • Termite Treatment
    • Builders Risk Policy
    • Extended Warranty
    • States outside of SC may have higher build cost

    Keeping The Process Safe & Efficient

    Moving a mobile home can be a complex and daunting task, but it is possible to do it safely and efficiently with the right planning and preparation. Here is a step-by-step guide to moving a mobile home:

    • Choose a reputable moving company. Not all moving companies are experienced in moving mobile homes, so it is important to choose one that has a good track record and specializes in this type of move. Get quotes from multiple companies and compare their services and prices before making a decision.
    • Obtain the necessary permits. In most cases, you will need to obtain a permit from your local government before moving a mobile home. The permit process can vary depending on where you live, so it is important to contact your local government office to find out what is required.
    • Prepare your mobile home for transport. This includes disconnecting all utilities, securing all loose items inside and outside the home, and removing any awnings or other structures that could be damaged during the move. You may also need to remove the wheels from your mobile home if it is being transported over a long distance.
    • Transport your mobile home to its new location. This is the most difficult and dangerous part of the move, so it is important to leave it to the professionals. The moving company will use a special truck and trailer to transport your mobile home to its new location.
    • Set up your mobile home at its new location. Once your mobile home has arrived at its new location, the moving company will set it up on the foundation. This includes connecting all utilities, leveling the home, and making sure that it is properly secured.

    Need Help Moving Your Home?

    M&K Mobile Home Movers and Setup is a trusted and verified partner of Mobile Home Exchange. Established in 1992, they are locally owned and operated out of Pacolet, SC. They offer both mobile home transportation and set-up.

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