Why Choose Mobile

Model Pictured: The Explorer (Clayton Waycross Homes)


Contrary to belief, Mobile Homes won’t hinder your creativity in decorating your home. There are many creative ways to improve your mobile home, from lighting hacks to the right spacing that improves traffic flow.
Are you looking to give the illusion of more space? Mirrors are a mobile home’s best friend. They bounce light around and create the illusion of space. Place them everywhere you possibly can! An accent wall painted a different color from the other divisions can help make the same effect! Remember to use vertical storage to keep your walls looking longer and to hang your art at the same level to convey symmetry. If you want to spruce up the outside of your home, consider building a four step porch. This helps add dimension to the outside of your home in a cost effective way. If you’re looking to get creative, without hurting your wallet, just ask us! We can help you find ideas to take your home to the next level.


Compared to stick-built homes, Mobile Homes offer more affordable options than stick-built residences. Not only are manufactured homes cheaper to own than site-built homes, they’re cheaper to build and maintain.

Peace Of Mind

Each of our homes is built in a factory-controlled environment and wind tested. Our homes are built with safe, sustainable, long-lasting, and innovative material to ensure durability and protection from the elements. Our homes are also HUD certified.

Quality Manufacturers

Every ScotBuilt and Deer Vally Homebuilders home is constructed inside a state-of-the-art, climate-controlled facility, away from the elements. It’s a smarter way to build that ensures every aspect of your home is of the highest quality. If you are curious about how these homes are built, check out the Interactive Facility Tour.

Our Mission

We strive to provide affordable housing solutions with quality options to home buyers, while adding value to the community.

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