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Can Manufactured Homes Withstand Hurricane Winds?

In areas prone to hurricane-force winds (known as Wind Zones II and III, according to HUD’s new Basic Wind Zone Map), the wind safety standards require that manufactured homes be resistant to winds up to 100 miles-per-hour in Wind Zone II and 110 miles-per-hour in Wind Zone III. An essential element in the adequate wind safety of a manufactured home is the proper installation and anchoring of the house according to its instructions. Installation standards are regulated on a state-by-state basis. When properly installed and anchored, the manufactured home’s wind resistance is significantly improved. For each new manufactured home sold, the manufacturer must include installation instructions to support and anchor the house properly. This requirement is part of the windstorm protection provisions of the HUD Code. All of our homes are HUD certified. 

Are the manufactured homes energy efficient?

Modern manufactured homes are just as energy efficient as a site-built home.

In 1994, a new federal law was initiated to make all homes more energy-efficient, and the regulations have continued to be updated.

HUD went so far as to divide the country into three regions, and manufactured homes produced for each area have to meet the performance zones and snow loads for each.

Can manufactured homes gain value or appreciate?

A manufactured home can and does appreciate. Of course, there’s a lot of variables that play into that appreciation. If your manufactured home is permanently installed on owned land, the combined property can appreciate.

If your home is on a rented or leased lot, it will rarely appreciate. The average rate of depreciation is 2.7% -3.6%

Are mobile and manufactured homes more prone to fire?

No. Foremost Insurance did a national fire study and found that site-built homes were more than two times as likely to experience a fire than manufactured homes. They found that 17 site-built homes out of 1000 had home fires instead of only 8 per 1000 manufactured homes.

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